Kraljeva Sutjeska lies 12 km North-East of Kakanj, and 45 km South-East of Zenica. Distanceto Visoko is 25, and to Sarajevo 56 km. Access is off
the Sarajevo – Zenica Highway, taking exit to the town of Kakanj, but it is visible only after the place itself is entered


Individual 5 €

Groups (more than three adults) 4 € per person

School children  3 € per person

For visits to library and museum please contact us.

Franciscan Monastery

By mere existence, its history and especially its Museum collection
Kraljeva Sutjeska Monastery links present time with the history going back to the time of Bosnian kings and governors.
The monastery was destroyed more than once but it was always built anew. Italian historian, Bartol Pisanski makes mention of it back in 1385. 

Franciscan monastery today contains:
– Church of St John the Baptist – breathtakingly beautiful and monumental,
– Museum – collection of great cultural – historic treasury of immeasurable value,
– Library – famous for its valuable and rare exhibits of ages gone by


Church of St John the Baptist

Earliest preserved mention of the church goes back to the year 1530. It is almost certain that the church existed there much earlier. During the Ottoman occupation of Bosnia bell towers were not allowed. Sutjeska was exempt from that rule and the bell was rung.
Today’s church of St John the Baptist is an important architectural monument of Austrian Hungarian period in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Just like long time ago, church is one with the monastery. Designed by architect Josip Vancaš, it was built in 1906. – 1908. Paintings are by Italian artist Marco Antonini.
Below the church is spacious crypt where two bishops were buried and a stone sarcophagus is found believed to contain remains of Stjepan Tomaš, second last king of Bosnia.


Library and Archives

Alongside older, newer and contemporary books Library holds many incunabulas (31) – the largest number in any library in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as numerous works of Bosnian authors written in old Bosnian Cyrillic script and other old books in foreign languages. Some are luxuriously bound.
Library collection holds mainly works from theology, philosophy, natural sciences, history, geography etc. Books are written mostly
in Latin, then Croatian, Italian, and other languages. Great care is taken in preserving Ottoman and Arab manuscripts. Archives hold
valuable chronicles, manuscripts, old registers written in Bosančica and a necrology from 17th century.

For visits to library and museum please contact us.


Museum collection

Even though the Franciscan Monastery in Kraljeva Sutjeska had been burned down, destroyed and rebuilt several times from 15th
to 19th century, a remarkable cultural –historic treasure has been preserved in its walls. Os special significance are:
– Paintings: there are around thirty old paintings, of special value being Raspeće (Crucifixion) and Bezgrešno Začeće (Immaculate Conception), work of local artist Stjepan Dragojlović in the 16th century;
– Chalices: collection of about thirty chalices, earliest dating back to 15th century;
– Crucifixes: we will point out two altar crucifixes dated 1610. and 1617.;
– Candle holders: we will single out candle holders of bishop fra Grga Ilić, 1802;
– Textile artefacts: this highly rich collection of old altar linen and church garments contains mainly exponents dating back to the 18th century but many are from much earlier periods.

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